Saturday, February 26, 2011


I'm really not very good at expressing my thoughts. I guess that is why I never use this blog to express any deep or personal thoughts of my own.

Barbara is our youngest child. She is the quiet one, and she is often under estimated for that reason. Barbara has decided to do a two month mission to Haiti this summer. She is my baby, she is only 13, two months can be a long time and Haiti is a different world. What can I say...I'm scared!

Still, even so we've thought about it and we've prayed about it and we've agreed to now it is time to get excited about it!

The next few months are going to be busy. Dolores has an internship, our busy season at work is starting, and Barbara has alot to do to prepare for this journey. She has to raise her own support as well in a fairly limited time frame.
I'll encourage Barbara to use her blog to tell about TMI, about the project in Haiti, to journal her progress and keep everyone up to date on her fund raising, and hopefully just generally share her experiences with us.