Saturday, October 27, 2012

If you like Dr Suess

A lady at church has been reading bible stories from "The Ten Commandments" by Phil A Smouse
for the childrens story part of the Sunday church service. I don't know if kids get a kick out of goofy rhyme like I do or not, but I know that when I read to the kids, those are the kinds of books I enjoyed reading to them the most, and I can't wait to hear Commandment #5 at church tomorrow. Anyways, the rhyme is alot like Dr.Suess. I don't think Dr.Suess stories where my kids favorites. Still, if it is Dr Suess and I read it more than once, I can practically recite it word for word...and that is pretty amazing for someone who's had the same phone # for four years and still gets it wrong on occasion!

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